Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kicking Ass Punkcast January 28, 2014

On #KickingAss, Fripp addresses the SOTU, a wealthy venture capitalist compares the Occupy movement to Kristallnacht. Also, too – living in the FoxBubble. 

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  1. I'm not sure How this works as Wink(Tom) told me that his show was going to be on at 7:00 and I could not find the show.
    I wrote a lot in some sort of "Chat Room" but I'm not sure where I am right now or who I might be speaking to. Wink has said he'd call me today or tomorrow and record my idea that should solve a lot of things that I believe should satisfy so may people as an economic and political solution to the problem of the "gap".
    So far, I have not heard a lot about ideas as solutions. It seems that these stations have some sort of "assumption" about those who might be listening to this.
    Shouldn't you guys be trying to find a basis for the problems we are having instead of assuming why people are having conflicts.
    I understand that people in Washington enter a economic and political "Disneyland" where their individual ambition becomes prevalent. But What should be done about it-what plan should their be to combat it?
    Try to convince your "neighbors" to become "progressive? Most people know they don't have enough to live on without some form of government help. But they have no idea how any political organization, nor care about any, could possibly help them.
    As I have informed "Democracy for America in Burlington-All the splintered groups like your and so many others need to UNITE under one message and bring all that to Washington much as the AfroAmericans did to bring the problems of racism forward.
    I think all should united under the original slogan of "Occupy New York" ........."SHRINK THE GAP!".
    So many see this as "Income Distribution" I see it more as the RESTORATION OF THE ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND SOCIAL STATUS of the Middle and lower classes i n our country.
    This can only be done by unification of people saying the same thing-using one slogan. Keep it simply.
    Now, not only have a slogan, but also a "solution" that has never, to my understanding, been proposed by anyone.
    Obama tonight will offer solutions that have no validity because the solution will do nothing to change the economic system that has CAUSED the gap. Just criticizing those that think that the current system CANNOT be changed and try to find solutions working within the current rules is foolish.
    China doesn't do this-they only have rules to help themselves.
    So WE have to focus on NEW rules, or a new way to change how we conduct parts of our economy while preserving American Democracy and American Capitalism
    I have done this by asking my government to adopt what I have named-"The National Employee Owned Co Op Plan.
    This will sound narcissistic, but this is the idea that the middle and lower classes should demand of our government. It is one that WILL shrink the gap and, more importantly RESTORE the economic. political and social status to the middle and lower classes of our country.
    Wink will have me do a recorded program with him for his show. I hope many will hear it. I hope many will realize the way we should change things......